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September 6, 2013
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HPA: Kikuchi Momoe by scarletthebrave HPA: Kikuchi Momoe by scarletthebrave
Fun fact: I've been trying to draw out this app for about two weeks now. I kept messing up and not liking what I drew as well as college getting in my way. Finally got it though yaaaay. |'''''D
I've been excited for this group. I'm really into Dangan Ronpa right now.

Name: St. Kikuchi, Momoe
Age: 16
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 112 lbs.
Gender: Cisgender Female
DOB: January 3rd

SHSL: Worshiper (More info on that in history.)
Ethnicity/Home: Japanese | Takayama in Gifu, Japan
Extra Features: Wears very modest clothing that covers up most of her skin. Usually dresses. Always has her rosary on.
Weapon: N/A

Quirky and serene. Momoe has a very dreamy-like attitude and could most likely be considered a rather strange person in general. She has a charismatic charm to her and can often bring someone out of a funk with perceptive words. Never seems to raise her voice. Isn't ignorant but has her naive moments. Obviously very religious given her title and history. Seems like a total saint on the outside but is that all there really is to her...?

.Religion (duh)
.Wood/Wooden objects (Reminds her of her family.)
.Animals (particularly birds or farm animals)
.Unique perspective
.A surprising amount of normal, everyday teenage likings like fashion and pop music (not often seen.)
.Will most likely add more later upon character development....

.Not being able to move
.Being reminded she needs to set an example for other followers/Knowing she can never go back to being "normal" ever again. (More info on that in the additional info as well as via RPing.)
.Will most likely add more later upon character development....

Additional Info:
.While Momoe is thankful for what she has received in life and the amazing amount of success she has gained, she is still just a teenage girl and people seem to forget that. Because so many people look up to her she doesn't have much breathing space and it gets a little frustrating when she can't do certain things because it isn't in the name of her god.
.Doesn't really care if you call her by her first name or her surname.
.She prays every morning; waking up early to do so. Normally in her room but sometimes she'll go somewhere for it.
.Her favorite place in the school is the chicken coop in the botanical garden. Likes to pet and feed the chickens. You'll find her here a lot of times.
.Because shes had to do speeches in other countries, mostly the English-speaking ones, she knows amounts of many. English would be her best foreign language.
.I imagine her to have a very Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) sort of voice. |'D
.Will most likely add more later upon character development....

Momoe Kikuchi was born in a one-child, both parents alive family in a small city known as Takayama. Her parents worked in the carpentry industry as many people that live in Takayama do; a fairly average way of living.
Momoe was struck with a bad illness when she was young that affected her as such that she could rarely even get out of bed. Her parents worked hard, but because of her expensive medicine, they just barely managed to get by with their current income. Worry would always make its regular arrival each time the bills needed to be payed or when their stock of medicine needed to be refilled time and time again. Things were very hard during those times....
The family soon took a turn to the worst. The economy wasn't doing so well. They were getting even less money and less money to the point they just couldn't afford it. Momoe was young but shockingly aware of her surroundings. She knew what it meant to not have her medication and feared for the worst.... Until a miracle was blessed upon them after so much struggle.
Religion is not the most widespread thing in Japan. It isn't really taught and thought about much than other places seem to. Because of this Momoe hadn't really been taught about religion until this point of time. A foreigner had come to the Kikuchi family asking about the possibly commissioning for church pews. A church was being made near the area and Momoe became curious due to never hearing about it before. A pastor talk to her some. Told her about the basics and how she should pray when discovering her current disability. "God has a plan for all of us." "Reach your heart out." "When all else fails, ask for His help."
Momoe was skeptical but desperate. She did as such.
And somehow
She got better.
It was a true miracle. Whether or not it was some divine entity or perhaps just her determination or something else altogether was unknown but either way it didn't need to be said that the Kikuchi family was relieved. Relieved barely even covered it.
Momoe finally was able to do things she wanted to do without fear. It took a little time and practice but she soon became able to walk around just like anyone else. She was highly inspired and thankful towards the god that she had prayed for and it was then her rise to become the SHSL Worshiper began.
Her purity and perseverance attracted many. She found herself to be very good with her words and was able to inspire many. She would learn and preach and teach and become more known. Rinse and recycle. It didn't take too long for her to become somewhat of a big deal. She got to give sermons internationally by the time she was thirteen. Most religious individuals in American and European countries knew about her in no time. Known as a saint by many even. Even some rumors had gone around that she could talk to God like some sort of messiah-- this being incorrect, but it didn't stop people from saying as such.... It honestly went a little too fast for the girl; things going out of her control before she even truly realized it.

RP Sample:


Momoe was walked out to the academy's gateway with a pair of her guards- something she had been told one day that she had to have at her current status. Whatever that meant.
"You may go now."
She spoke in her dreamy, calm tone as usual. The guards made some protest at this statement but she made them hush with an all-too soft pat to each of the guards lips and a gentle smile.
"Please do not worry about me- I can do things on my own will."
The guards seemed hesitant but went ahead and let her go the rest of the way on her own....

Momoe: *tiredly lifts her head off from the desk she was sitting on* "..? Did.... Did I fall asleep? How did I get in here...?" *looks at the clock* "Oh dear. Better get a move on then~" *starts walking back to the entrance of the academy*
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